Thursday, April 24, 2014

Learning How to Use iMovie

                     This week, during Technology, we are learning how to use the spectacular app, iMovie. We are currently working on making our own movie trailer using the templates that iMovie has. This app gives us the opportunity to create a professional-looking movie trailer. In iMovie, there are many different templates from which to choose. Each template has a theme to go with it.  For example, scary, pirate, and indie are different templates within the app. After we choose our template that we would like to use, we start filming the movie trailer with the iPad Airs. There are several shots in a trailer, including wide, group, and single. When we finish learning the process of creating a movie trailer, we will be able to create our own original movie from scratch. Overall, the fifth grade technology class is enjoying their time using the iMovie app, which encourages creativity.

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