Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lego Robots Programming

Today we programmed the Lego Alligator robots to do many different actions.  Students programmed them to roar, eat things by us typing a key or a motion sense, and make weird noises.  We were able to make a goal for what we wanted our gator to do and achieve it.  Today we really had some fun time - exploring programming the Lego Alligators.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lego Robotics

This week we have been working on Lego Robotics and programming.  We are building a Lego alligator robot that we are going to program.  This also meant learning the Lego pieces names.  We also learned a bit about a Sphero Ball.  This week has been very robotic!  Mrs. Brown asked me to think about a question I have that I will try to answer tomorrow in class through discovery.  My question is this:  How do people create a program that will control how something works?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Week in Technology

The first week of Technology we have learned about the parts of the computer, talked about our jobs in the classroom, and learned about digital citizenship.  We even took apart a computer.  We now know about the parts of a computer and how to stay safe online.  I believe this week has been a very productive one. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

And the Oscar Goes To...

The Oscar goes to all of us.  Despite some setbacks with regard to time, we were able to complete our Digital Citizenship Film Festival videos just as the bell was ringing to signify the end of our last Technology class.  Whew.  It was a wild ride.  I am proud of the effort and energy that each student put into their project.  While watching the videos and reflecting on the process, it was interesting to hear what each student learned.  Comments ranged from, "I learned the importance of working on a team", "I learned how to crop a video clip", "I learned that you are never done editing", "I learned to pay attention to my privacy settings when working with social media", "I learned how to manipulate the voices within a video", and so much more.  Whether it was a learning moment regarding technical skills or a lesson in diplomacy and digital citizenship, we all grew our knowledge bank.  Even I did.  I learned to have faith in my students ability to stay on task without being micromanaged.  I found it so impressive that they were motivated enough to get the project done and follow along with the timeline (even when two days that we didn't have class were not accounted for on that timeline giving the impression they would have more time than they actually had).  Each student added their own flavor of creativity to their projects and some had to learn by doing, even if I told them that making a different choice might be better.  I respect that.  In the end, we created projects that we can be proud of and had a ball sharing, reflecting, and celebrating our work.  It is hard to believe that this
became this

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