Thursday, March 23, 2017

Final Week Of Tech And So Sad To Go by Avery and Ari

Mrs. Seff 's class is so sad and they will miss their wonderful teacher Mrs. Brown. It is our last week of technology. For our final week, we've been using Swift Playground. It is an app that teaches us a programming language for Apple devices. The programming language is called Swift.  Swift has similarities to JavaScript because you can create your own functions, use loops to repeat functions, and some of the commands use the same terminology.  Mrs. Seff 's class has had a marvelous time in technology and hope to do it next year in Middle School!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Scratch and Conditionals by Shayna

We are doing Scratch Projects. We get to make a game. I learned a lot. It is really enjoyable, but still very hard. The difficult part was thinking of an idea that you can do and learning how to make things move, but when you do it, the ending product is really cool. We also had to use conditionals. Conditionals are if one thing occurs, then somethings needs to happen, and else something different. We get to play each others games. It is really awesome to see how other peoples turned out. Scratch is a blast.