Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Entrepreneurship Here We Come by Ellie

Today in technology, we are finishing up our websites and picktocharts.  We are working so hard to make this experience come true.  Everyone is having so much fun with this fun, exciting, memorable moment.  Us 5th graders are doing so well to accomplish this project and we hope it will turn out to be an amazing experience!  Now we are making a proto-type of our products to see our inventions come alive.  We are all having so much fun with this project and when this project is done, we will become true inventers, enterpreneurs, and artists.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Innovation Tips by Zoe

Today in technology we acquired some very beneficial innovation tips that are sure to make our business successful! Many businesses make mantras to advertise their companies and get little songs and words stuck in your head. The more you remember the mantra, the more likely you are to buy the product. Also, we are currently still in the midst of working on our Weebly websites. Our entire class is on the cusp of becoming true entrepreneurs!