Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mechina, Minecraft, & More by Reese

We had an awesome week in technology. On Tuesday, we all taught mechina children about keeping screens clean, head phone storage, not eating around the devices, etc. To do that, we made movies about our topic, then we all made interactive stations to teach them about our topic. It was super fun and the Mechina classes loved it!!!

At the beginning of the trimester, we all had to think of an invention that doesn't exist and then make a business plan and budget for it.Today we are building our prototypes on Minecraft.  Some people have tons of experience with Minecraft, and others don't. So it it very interesting to see how it works out!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Helping Others by Isaac

Our class is making a skit and a game for younger kids. One group's motivation is storing devices in secure places. They are making a skit where there are two people and one of them is telling the other person that they are putting the device in a bad place. The game is a scavenger hunt and when the kids find the device, they ask "is this a good place or a bad place?". Once they answer using their knowledge from the video/skit they discuss the scenario with the younger kids. That is what our class is doing to help younger kids with technology.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5th Grade Tech Teachers by Jacob

We are making technology lessons for the Mechina kids! Our topics are: Keyboard Care, Headphone Storage, Keeping Screens Clean, Avoid Food and Drink by Technology, and Secure Device Storage. Some people are making skits, and some are song parodies, and there are many more fabulous ideas. This is extremely fun, and awesome that we get the privilege to do this.