Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Journey with JavaScript by Jayden

We are learning about programming computers, but it's not so easy right now because we just started. A lot of people in my class are understanding computer programming and we are really liking it. It can be pretty confusing at times, but we are starting to learn how to draw with code. We started with the ellipse so that eventually we will make six ellipses to create a snowman with eyes and a mouth. Are there any JavaScript experts out there? If so, we would love some tips.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What's For Dinner? by Renee

Today, me and my classmates are working on Seesaw and Khan Academy. Sadly, this week is our last week in our Tech rotation. I think everybody enjoyed Tech. I am working on What's For Dinner on Khan Academy. I am in the middle of making a pizza! I am very exited to finish it. After I finish it, I will post it on Seesaw. Seesaw is a program at which you post the things you make. I am so exited for Technology next year and my classmates are too.