Thursday, April 10, 2014 earning our badges

         This week, we are using a website called  On this website, you can choose a skill category, such as Animator.  Then, you can choose to do three challenges within that skill.  Once that is done, you will earn a badge for that skill.  There are many badges so there is something for everyone.  To turn in a challenge, you can upload a picture demonstrating you completed that challenge or you can upload a video of you doing the challenge.  For some challenges, you can only do a video.  It is a great website for children because it gives us the opportunity to choose something that we are interested in and learn more about it, which is very entertaining.
Under the Architect skill, Nicholas is building a house in Minecraft.

Ella is completing a challenge under the Interior Designer skill set and is using Fotor to create a color collage.

Will is working toward an Athlete badge and is completing a challenge that requires him to develop strength.  He has chosen the plank to accomplish this.

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