Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Voila...Digital Citizenship Film Fest: Rollling Out the Red Carpet

We finally finished all of our videos that are meant to teach our parents about digital citizenship.  I mean why not flip the learning, right?  As Grace stated in class today, "I was surprised by how much I learned about this topic.  There was so  much I didn't know".  We enjoyed making our movies so much that we didn't even realize that we were learning.  We could have spent days and days editing but since time doesn't grow on trees, we had to accept that a movie is NEVER done and appreciate the process as much as the product.  One thing became clear though, when Mrs. Brown said that we were going to share our videos with the world, we must not have believed her because some of us forgot to omit our last names from our movies.  Alas, we won't be able to share them on our blog and now we know we absolutely cannot include such personal information.  It is for our own safety.  Therefore, we will be sharing and reflecting on our videos and their content within the confines of our classroom.  However, we now know that to share with the world we must follow some simple rules to stay safe.   As we reflect on our creations, we will focus on the following questions:
1. What was most challenging about this project?
2. What was it like to work on a team and really have to rely on each other?
3. What would we do differently next time?
4. What aspect of this project was most challenging?
5. What did we learn about technology, in general?
6. How will we continue to be leaders in teaching our peers about digital citizenship?
7. What was most fun about this project?
8. What surprised us most in doing this project?

Now that we know more about being digital citizens, we look forward to creating a digital footprint that we can all be proud of as we grow.

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