Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fifth Grade Technology Class Coding

This week. our technology class is focusing on computer science.  During computer science, we type lines of code.  Code is pretty much a type of computer language. For example if you were creating an application you would use code.  To use code, you would program lines of commands. Most common demands for an application is to take a step forward or turn right.  Using these commands (and many more types of commands) you link it all together and you just wrote a line of code.  Also, when your coding there is something called a  loop is when you type a line of code, and you want your program to repeat that. You put those commands on a loop so it replays it without typing all of those codes over and over.  A loop is a shortcut and makes your code easier to run.  That's only a little part of code to make an application or a program.  Remember, computer science is very tough and takes practice to get familiar with code. 

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