Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Process of Inventions by Hannah

Of all the weeks of technology, we have been making inventions. So the first thing that we did was we picked what we wanted to invent by brainstorming things that we wanted to solve in the world, then we drew a picture of it using, after that we made a website with, we created a budget with Google numbers, we made an infographic with Piktochart, we built a prototype in Minecraft, and then we made a storyboard for our pitching ideas with After that process, we had to present like we were on Shark Tank. It was really cool! So we acted like we were the "judges" and we listened to everyone that presented. Everyone in the class presented what their product was. On the computer in Google forms, we voted for the one that we like and wanted to "invest" in the most. Kelli and Jonathan won. Kelli's invention was the "Kitty Toilet". It was a toilet that flushes for cats. She was motivated to invent that because kids are tired of having to clean up gross litter. Jonathan's invention was "Shoe Robot". His product was a little robot that ties your shoes when they are untied. I cannot believe that technology is over! It all was so much fun!! :)

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