Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bloggers Unite!

Prepare to be dazzled!  We worked for a week on creating a digital citizenship lesson plan for mechina that focused on best blogging practices. Using Google docs, we worked in small groups to made a movie for us outlining the do’s and don’ts of blogging and how to be safe online.  Click here to view our movie.  As we watched the movie, we paused it after each scene and explained the key points for them to learn.  After the movie was over, mechina students worked in partners with us to write their own blog posts together.  After watching our movie, what do you think is the most important tip that we shared with mechina?  After co-blogging on paper, we shared our posts with the classes. Now, we are publishing our posts below. We hope you enjoy our blog posts:

Today, I have partners. They are teaching me how to blog better. I had fun on the playground today. I learned how to climb the rock wall, and I felt good about learning how to do it. My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is a panda. My favorite food is mac n' cheese. My favorite subject is PE. Now my 5th grade partners also know more about me.
- Hadley (and Megan)

First, we got to school and did centers. We also had literacy, lunch and recess. I had fun! I learned how to write the letter F and we wrote F in feathers. I was so excited to play basketball and I loved my lunch. I am really excited for PE. I am also so excited for my mom's new car! It is sparkly red. There are air vents and a movie screen in the car. I can't wait for tomorrow!
- Molly (Justin & Ella)

I ate breakfast and I ate an oozy egg. It made me feel good to eat eggs. I think eggs are yummy. I am excited to eat them again. Another thing that I did is play a game at school. I like the game because it is fun and awesome. The way to play the game is to connect the chains. 
-Nate (Jake & Adi)
Today we had lunch and recess. Lunch made me happy. Nothing funny happened though. I made a couple of new friends named Nava and Sophia. We got to talk about the letter F and words that start with that letter. The next time that we do the letter of the day I will like it. I had a good day! This morning we played a game and had to balance words. It was called Apples on Top.
-Olivia (Maddie)
Today I went to the playground. The seesaw made me happy because it was bouncy. It was funny when my tushy bounced up and down. I learned about letters today, especially the letter F. I am most excited about rest because I get to go to sleep.
- Harlow (Jonathon and Seth)

Today I painted a picture of my family. I liked the picture of my family. I liked seeing how it looked when it was finished. I put 8 apple bean bags on my head. I felt very happy. I got paint on my nose. I met my new brother. I learned the letter F. 
-Odel (Ava and Eva)
Today I went to recess. I was happy. Lots of things happened. I learned my ABC's. I like running, climbing, and going on the spinning thing. I made a letter F with feathers.
- Dylan (Max)
What I did this morning was that I signed my name, we did number of days, and we cleaned up. We also did the Hamotzi, which made me feel happy. At lunch I saw my friend Matthew who is also on my soccer team. My soccer team is Spain. At art center, we painted! Today we learned a new weather song. I liked doing literacy, and we worked on the Smart Board. I'm most excited for everything because we do different things each time in literacy! Today has been super fun!
-Riley (Jamie)

Today we learned how to predict the weather. Then Mrs. Shafron came and we played a super fun game with her. Then, I had pizza for lunch. Next, we had recess. At recess, I played outer space with my friends, Noah and Molly. I cannot wait until dismissal because I get to ride in my new car! Today, was the best day ever!
-Jesse (Sarah)
This morning my grandma surprised me that she is going to spend the night with me tonight. Then, when I got to school, I wrote my name on the door to sign in. Then, I unpacked my backpack in my locker. It makes me feel so awesome to do all of that! Nothing really happened that was funny. I know almost everyone. I know Molly, Jesse, and Riley! I didn't meet anyone new. I learned how to write the letter "F", and I am also learning right now how to be an awesome blogger. I liked drawing the letter "F". I loved my lunch! In lunch, I loved my cheese sandwich! Today was awesome so far!
- Noah (Hannah)

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