Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Fantastic Process of Making an iMovie

We just finished an iMovie project so please check them out below. We worked in groups of three.  Each group wrote a script using GoogleDocs.  We filmed bits and pieces of our movies each day.  We were able to film our movies throughout the school and use the GreenScreen app by DoInk to create backgrounds of our choice.  Then, we put it all together in iMovie and edited them.  We learned many different things from the practical to the technical: the importance of being a good digital citizen, how to use iMovie, how to hold the camera, the importance of adjusting your audio after filming if your voice is too low, how difficult it is to act the part sometimes, and how to work as a team. Today we are sharing our videos in class! After watching each video, we will be discussing what was most challenging about the process, what we would do differently, what we learned, what we are most proud of and what surprised us most.  We hope you enjoy them!

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